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April 22, 2015 Guangzhou EMC Testing and Rectification Seminar on Medical Device Products Time:2015-03-26 18:18:51    Browse quantity:70   

Shenzhen Huatong Weicheng invites you to participate
Seminar on EMC testing and rectification of medical device products under the new regulations
Time: April 24, 2015 Expected 09:00-17:00
Venue: Three-story multimedia classroom of C2 Building, Technology Enterprise Accelerator, No. 11 Kaiyuan Avenue, Science City, Luogang District, Guangzhou
Organizer: Shenzhen Huatongwei International Inspection Co., Ltd.

Introduction to the seminar:
Why do active medical device products pass EMC testing? What test items and performance indicators does EMC include?
Why are some medical device products always unable to solve the problems of radiation, conduction and static electricity, and how should they be rectified?
    In the process of electromagnetic compatibility testing of active products, medical device companies face many of the above problems, and the EMC design methods, electromagnetic compatibility awareness and EMC process of R&D departments of R&D personnel are the key factors affecting the problem. . In order to help enterprises and R&D personnel to actually solve the problems and confusions encountered in the product design process, testing process and related regulatory standards, Shenzhen Huatongwei United Jinjinfeiying Pharmaceutical Machinery Consulting Technology Service Group will co-organize this new medical device under the new regulations. Product EMC Testing and Rectification Seminar helps you master the basic ideas and skills for solving EMC technical problems in a short period of time, and promotes the shortening of product development cycle, product development and material cost reduction, and medical device marketing. .

Seminar topic:
1. EMC basic and regulatory standards requirements
2, product testing requirements
3, medical product design considerations
4. Medical product rectification and case analysis (ie common problems and solutions in the implementation process of YY0505-2012)
5, EMC document requirements (instructions, labels, product technical requirements)
6, EMC and electrical safety
7. Discussion on current new regulations
8. On-site interaction (question session)

Hu Lifeng

    Senior Engineer, Technical Manager, EMC Department, Shenzhen Huatongwei International Inspection Co., Ltd. Engaged in the electromagnetic compatibility rectification industry for 7 years, has a wealth of experience in rectifying medical products, and knows the national standards and regulations.

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    Jinfeiying Pharmaceutical Machinery Consulting Technology Service Group General Manager Technical Engineer, Senior Training Instructor, Enterprise Management Senior Consultant Medical Device Senior Counselor National Registered Consultant Medical Device Registration Specialist; 20 years of business management consulting and 10 years experience in medical device registration consulting service .

The number of places is limited, and each company has a quota of 2 people.
Please contact me, Miss Zhang, Tel:0755 2671 5350 Fax:0755 2671 5350 E-mail:[email protected]
Registration deadline is April 22, 2015.
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