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Huatongwei Company held fire emergency drills and fire fighting activities Time:2018-11-15 18:33:17    Browse quantity:77   

In order to popularize fire emergency safety knowledge, improve the self-rescue and escape ability of Huatongwei company employees, and enhance their ability to escape and self-rescue in the event of fire and fire, and strengthen fire safety awareness. On the afternoon of November 15, Huatongwei Company jointly The Hongfa High-tech Industrial Park Management Office held fire emergency drills and firefighting exercises in the basketball court of the Industrial Park.

The exercise was undertaken by the administrative department of Huatongwei Company and was supported by the company's leaders and all employees. The activities included 88 employees of the public office and test site of the public day, and the pre-designated equipment support group and fire fighting group of the engineering department. 31 volunteers, life-saving guidance group, alert guidance group, logistics support group, and communication group.

At three o'clock in the morning, the fire drill officially began. The main entrance of Huatongwei Company released smoke bombs. After the fire alarm system alarmed, the smoke also tumbling from the library. Subsequently, the staff of the Industrial Zone Management Office and the life-saving guidance group compiled by our staff team quickly rushed to the company to organize employees to evacuate and escape in an orderly manner. The fire-fighting team also acted quickly, using a foam fire extinguisher to extinguish the "open flame" and the outside of the company to spray water. During the entire exercise, all personnel were able to safely evacuate 9 sites within 5 minutes, based on the orderly organization of security personnel and the fire safety knowledge that employees usually have. After the evacuation to the designated locations, the search and rescue team that had already waited for the side entered the 9th building for search and rescue, rescued the injured from the fire, and organized the first-aid for the injured on the scene.

After the drill, the employees who participated in the fire drill also carried out practical exercises and experienced the use of fire extinguishers. At the same time, the employees of the company also listened to the explanations of the use of fire-fighting equipment and emergency treatment by the management organization of the park.

In the early stage of the event, Huatongwei Company made sufficient preparations and contacted the park management office to carry out the activities planning, personnel, post scheduling, on-site emergency response plan, and also received the support of the responsible managers of various departments through pre-communication.

Fire drills like this and emergency education activities for emergencies have been confirmed by Huatongwei as part of normal safety education and will be held annually. Through this drill, the employees have enhanced their awareness of fire safety, mastered the basic common sense of fire emergency, and promoted the self-help and self-rescue ability, and further enhanced the ability to respond to emergencies.
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